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Kiev, 114, Vasylkovska st., opposite to the Palace “Ukraina”

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Odessa Restaurant is the concept place that houses 30 km of rope and a herd of “white horses”. It is its unique menu that offers gastronomical designer’s dishes and an ambitious cocktail carte.


Hardly had it opened when it got to pages of the London’s “Wall Paper”, which saw the true value of its distinctive interior design. It is no wonder that each small detail has been reasoned to surprise its guests harmoniously matching with a unified stylish concept. Odessa-theme has a mere hint but the main idea is conveyed by innovation, uniqueness, and atmosphere.


One of best chefs in Ukraine, prominent Yurii Priyemsky rules the kitchen. The restaurant menu is merely indirectly related to the traditional Odessa cuisine, Yurii says. All the dishes are designer’s and gastronomic, created by curious and complex ingredients combination principle. The menu is updated on monthly basis for the visitors to enjoy season-specific products, which are then again served in a peculiar manner. Creative serving is the restaurant’s forte. Thus, do not be surprised if a dish ordered is served to you in a dry ice or cooked exactly for you! The “Odessa” Restaurant cuisine is partially open-type. Many meat and fish dishes in Odessa are cooked in Big Green Egg ovens - in them the products retain incredible juiciness and acquire an appetizing smoky aroma. Here we also cook dishes using the Sous Vide technology, such as meat or fish in vacuum package simmered in a special purpose oven at 50–62 °C, guaranteeing an outstanding juiciness. The cocktail carte is no less intriguing. Mega-cocktails making up to a liter in volume, cocktails of the best bars worldwide, vegetable lemonades and other unique beverages perfectly complement the menu dishes, making visitors plunge into niceties of the culture to drink.


On weekends family idyll prevails here: a comfortable zone with modern gadgets and games is arranged for children, professional animators make real holidays for small visitors. At the same time their parents are able to enjoy their food and communication with friends calmly and in hasteless manner.


For creating a chamber atmosphere during personal and corporate events in the “Odessa” restaurant there is an event hall there. It is more often called as a fireplace hall. A modern and designer’s fireplace is located in the very center of it being an implicit decoration. The event hall walls are textile upholstered depicting the map of Odessa. The housing ability of the hall is 40 seats.


For the warm period of the year there is a terrace for 50 seats with a shisha bar available.


“Odessa” is a fashion place which due to its special atmosphere, creative serving methods and distinctiveness in details, and splendid tasty dishes attracts interesting people becoming a MUST HAVE place of the city. One can meet here show business stars, creators, prominent businessmen, it-girls, gourmands and others for whom “the art of eating” is beyond the eating process.

PLEASE, CALL US: +3 8 044 238 20 32

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