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Kiev, 114, Vasylkovska st., opposite to the Palace “Ukraina”

+3 8 044 238 20 32


    We are happy to invite you to the special dinner by the Chefs duet Priemski and Korpusov. The Chef of the Odessa restaurant hosts at his kitchen the guest star Chef Aleksandr Korpusov (SPB,Russia). Aleksandr is young and furious chef. He worked in Thailand, Russia, Latvia and Litva and now combines Asian, Scandinavian and Baltic motives. The newest Olexandr’s passion it’s the Russian Cuisine and is very good in it, that is proved by gold and silver prizes of Chef a la Russe contest.

    The 1st February we are having special Chef’s dinner prepared with lamb from our partner Lambico Lamb Market, that is the biggest and the most reputable Lamb supplier in Ukraine. The menu consist of 5 courses and wine The ticket price: 1250 UAH per person Booking and details: 067 508 70 93

    Here it is - our very first thematic menu this year. The main theme - the lamb, the mood - a cozy lunch or dinner with loved ones, the idea of food - as always unusual taste - remembered forever! We invite you to try and share your impressions about Ravioli with mutton on a cream of baked cauliflower, Tar-tar from a tenderloin of a young lamb, Lamb chow with mushroom wheat and shitake, and also Grilled dessert with popcorn!

    Мы желаем Вам успешных дальних заплывов, незабываемых впечатлений и курортного настроения. Вперед и только вперед! В жизни столько неожиданностей, но в одном Вы можете быть уверенны: мы всегда накормим Вас вкусно и от всей души! Искренне ваша, команда ресторана ODESSA.

    20 декабря в 20:00 в Киеве, в Ресторане "Odessa" состоится Гастрономический ужин от Проекта New Generation of chiefs. В этот раз Юрий Приемский принимает на своей кухне знаменитого шеф-повара Владислава Корпусова, работающего в направлении nordic cuisine. Его по праву называют феноменом в гастрономии. Владислав познакомит гостей с современной экспериментальной кухней.

    Теперь, мы каждый вторник встречаем поставку первоклассных морских деликатесов и готовим «свежак» способом, который выбираете вы — в печи Big Green Egg или в виде соте с овощами.

    Few Autumn weeks, every Friday we get fresh oysters delivery from the main oyster regions of the Europe. Every Friday we present new sort of oysters for the degustation, comparison and sharing impressions.

    Our new thematic menu - "Kalkanchik" - is dedicated to our favorite Black Sea fish. It includes: Salad with roasted fillet of Kalkan and baked vegetables, Borodinsky bread soup with Kalkan ravioli, Fillet of Kalkan with zucchini pasta, chili and green onion and the final point is a seasonal Dessert from fresh strawberries and bazil! The thematic menu lasts only two weeks, take out a time to try!

    Our special menu series is continued. Next two week in our restaurant are dedicated to dishes with asparagus. With fresh local asparagus we prepare starters, salads, soups and even deserts!

    After all, we are already 4 years old and we invite you to our Odessa Restaurant to celebrate our birthday. Excuses are not accepted! We celebrate the whole week. Every day from May 23 to May 28, in the evenings we have live music and a festive strawberry cake - a piece for each guest. We will be glad to see you, let us begin our fifth year together!

PLEASE, CALL US: +3 8 044 238 20 32

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