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Kiev, 114, Vasylkovska st., opposite to the Palace “Ukraina”

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    Друзья, приглашаем вас на дегустацию второго летнего гастросета от Юрия Приемского! На этот раз наш креативный шеф-повар знакомит вас с новой украинской кухней через призму басни Крылова. Не упустите уникальную возможность поближе познакомиться с кулинарным творчеством одного из лучших шеф-поваров Украины. Спешите получить истинное гастрономическое удовольствие в ресторане ODESSA! Предложение действует до 24 июня.

    The restaurant staff Odessa congratulates our most amazing and talented chef with fine taste —— Yuri Priemskiy happy Birthday! We wish you success, inspiration and good mood every day! Thank you for all that pleases unique dishes ideological and haute cuisine! Yuri Priemskiy —— you are the best!

    Наш талантливый шеф повар Юрий Приемский разработал специальное инновационное постное меню, в котором присутствует настоящее изобилие вкусов. Уверены, меню вас удивит и покажет, насколько вкусным может быть пост! Постные блюда можно будет попробовать с 23 февраля по 11 апреля. Ждем вас в любимом ресторане Odessa Резерв столов : (044) 238 84 13

    Recently our restaurant welcomed the famous American poker player with Ukrainian roots Evgeny Kachalov. He emigrated to the US when he was 10 and lives there now. The Pokerstars star is a rare visitor to the capital but as we say in Ukraine: “No matter where you are, you always want to go back to your homeland, favorite city, home.” After tasting,Yury Priemsky’s unmatched dessert, Evgeny admitted that restaurant Odessa is one of his most favorite places in Kiev. We wish Evgeny lots of success and expect his visit again!

    Друзья! Ресторан "Odessa" от всего сердца поздравляет вас с Днем Влюбленных. Пусть всегда будет в вашем сердце любовь и радость. Любите друг друга, цените каждый миг проведенный вместе. Счастья и благополучия Вам!

    Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and restaurant Odessa is celebrating it with a wonderful, fairytale-like atmoshpere for its guests. The night will continue nicely with a unique dinner. By the way, for our festive decoration and air filled with sweet emotions we used 205 tempting zephyrs. Make a reservation and give your loved one a real love celebration in the modern show-food restaurant Odessa. Тел.: 044 238 84 13

    We all know that February 14 is the most romantic day of the year and yet another special occasion to show our deep feelings for the loved one. On the Day of Love restaurant Odessa and its creative master chef Yury Priemsky have prepared a sweet surprise with a WOW effect. The delicious caramel sphere with an unexpected surprise will amaze you at first sight and add a special sensation to your evening. Make yourself and your half a nice gift by spending this special evening in the stunning atmosphere of restaurant Odessa filled with music and love. Hurry up and make a reservation and savor the exquisite atmosphere and culinary specialties of restaurant Odessa.

    Let’s have a shot! Marking the World Bartender Day, restaurant "Odessa" has prepared some special drinks which are not included in the regular menu. We will also surprise you with unbelievably low prices for this exclusive offer. Our shots Odessa Style, Black Sea Breeze, Tiramisu and Monkey Shot will fill the night with joy and inspiration. The charming DJ Christy Million will be taking care of the atmosphere with some cool tunes. Visit us for a night filled with fun and great emotions. Check our Facebook page for more details.

    Теперь при посещении нашего ресторана вы сможете получать баллы и обменивать их на приятные подарки. Установите приложение OdessaRest в свой телефон прямо сейчас и приходите в ресторан за подарком! Вас ждёт чашечка ароматного капучино, который так любят наши гости.

    We at Restaurant Odessa send our warmest regards to all Tatyana’s on the occasion of Angel’s Day! We invite you to celebrate this wonderful evening with us! Our guests named Tatyan will receive original gifts, a 10% discount, festive atmosphere and excellent mood. At Odessa’s you will enjoy the exquisite dishes of Yury Priemsky, indulge in pleasurable moments and get all the positive energy you need in the anticipation of spring! We kindly ask all Tatyana’s to bring their identification documents. We are expecting you with your friends. See you soon!

PLEASE, CALL US: +3 8 044 238 20 32

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