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Kiev, 114, Vasylkovska st., opposite to the Palace “Ukraina”


    Лучше один раз попробовать, чем сто раз услышать. Только в ресторане «Одесса» готовят мороженое из натуральных ингредиентов прямо на ваших глазах. Не будем раскрывать все секреты, а покажем чуточку волшебства!

    The Mainpeople portal is rating "Top 100 restaurants in Kiev". Please vote for your favorite restaurant, and we promise to surprise you during your next visit! We are already among the top five, and are steadily moving towards the goal. You can vote using this link:

    At Odessa, you can try a new kind of hookahs on the non-nicotine rocks. These hookahs are distinguished with high flavor conveyance – they ideally convey either tobacco or filler flavor when smoking.

    Dear friends, recently we have presented the first tasting set by Yuriy Priyemskiy at the Odessa restaurant, and today our guests ask to continue the feast! The first people who appreciated the chef’s art with applause were the head of Slow Food Kiev Yuliya Pitenko, representatives of the press, as well as friends and regular guests of the restaurant. Yuriy modestly said: “The biggest gift for me is devastated plates of our guests!” The real show of five courses, pleasant holiday atmosphere and anticipation of something new are included in the tasting set, which will change every two weeks. So there is an opportunity for you to try the number one set as early as next Thursday.

    22 мая шеф-повар ресторана «Одесса» Юрий Приемский представляет гастрономический сет из пяти курсов: - Кус-кус, щучья икра и соус из огурца, укропа и сметаны; - Тартар из телятины, красная смородина, щавель и пена из бородинского хлеба; - Холодный суп из синекачанной капусты с горчичным мороженым; - Телячий ростбиф с баклажанами и соусом из весенних сморчков; - Сорбе: манго, имбирь, лимонная трава. Резервирование столиков обязательно. Будет удивительно вкусно!

    Enjoy the good weather, let sunbeams by glass of sangria! Have a meeting at the "Odessa" restaurant's summer terrace!

    Welcome to a formative workshop in Odessa restaurant! This Saturday children will be making colored pictures out of grains, and their parents may relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

    Odessa restaurant is holding an Easter workshop for children. Bright colors on festive Easter cakes will give free play to fancy of the young masters! Delicious entrees and dainty drinks are waiting for the parents. This will be an unforgettable day both for adults and children!

    Every weekend we hold fun workshops for children. It is about time to learn how to make bubliks! While your kid is making his or her culinary masterpiece of dough and other delicacies, you may treat yourself with the family offer by Yuriy Priyomskiy, and for dessert you will get the delicious gift by your small chef.

    Restaurant "Odessa" lifts the curtain into the secret world of haute cuisine! Now there is an opportunity to cook a gourmet meal along with Yuri Priemsky and learn what is secret of wealth taste of even the most simple to prepare goodies! Join us on Facebook and take part in the "Behind the scenes of haute cuisine!" And very soon, two lucky winners will be able to feel themselves chefs fine dining restaurant!

PLEASE, CALL US: +3 8 044 238 20 32

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