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Kiev, 114, Vasylkovska st., opposite to the Palace “Ukraina”

    Do you want fresh fish? Haggle for the price with our waiter. Thursday in Odessa restaurant is Bazaar Day. We offer huge choice of seafood and you should deal for it. Just as people on Odessa Privoz do!

    Знаете ли вы насколько полезен и оригинален на вкус черный чеснок? Пряный, ароматный черный чеснок по-настоящему пленил нас и теперь, мы приглашаем вас на специальный гастрономический ужин, посвященный этому невероятному продукту. 19 апреля, в ресторане Odessa вы сможете попробовать черный чеснок в ярких авторских блюдах от нашего Шефа, Юрия Приемского и узнать всё об особенностях этого необычного продукта.

    Odessa, the best fish restaurant in Kyiv according Salt Awards started Special Fish Weeks. Every seven days we choose the new Main Fish of The Week. It’s always fresh and prepared in guest’s favorite way.

In the city center of Kiev, opposite the National Palace of Culture and Arts "Ukraina" opened a new restaurant ODESSA. If you are looking for a nice and cozy restaurant where the prices would correspond to the level of gastronomic courses or the most expensive, cool, elite, romantic restaurant or just the restaurant in the city center , you should pay attention to «ODESSA». There is the taste of food, a creative service and a conceptual interior combines with a single gastronomic concept and an unique atmosphere. Book the table and get a better rest in the restaurant «ODESSA» you can by phone: +3 8 044 238 84 13. Delicious European restaurants in Kiev are not uncommon, but «ODESSA» alone in Kiev!

PLEASE, CALL US: +3 8 044 238 20 32

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