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    25 Января 2016
    Накануне запуска нового дегустационного сета «Зима на корнеплоды добра», рассказал Forbes о том, как появилась идея сетов, каким был предыдущий опыт и почему сет живет всего три недели и не попадает потом в основное меню.

    19 Октября 2014
    Для меня идеальные выходные – если мне удалось провести их с семьей. Что бы это ни было: дача, прогулки в парке, кино или выставка. При современном темпе жизни бывает сложно выкроить время для самых близких людей.

    06 Августа 2014
    Every week fishermen from the Black sea share their catch with us. Once a week we receive a shipment of fresh fish from the legendary «Privoz» market in Odessa. Guests of our restaurant get to eat fish that was swimming in the sea just that morning. Each shipment I inspect personally. It's very important to me that the fish is as fresh as can be and of high quality, so that I can deliver the taste our guests in «Odessa» are used to. I would like to share few principles I use as my guide when buying fish: Smell – fish should smell of water and fresh. Any other aromas should raise a red flag Eyes – must be clear, murky eyes – bad sign Gills – fresh fish has red ones Scale – needs to be shiny and never peal These rules have never let me down throughout my career. However, freshness of the produce is only 50 percent of a successful dish. Just like many other products, different types of fish require a different way of coking. Fatty fish is best for frying and smoking. If you're going to cook a soup, you should get fish with medium fatness. Fish with the least amount of fat work best in meatballs and cutlets If you bought frozen fish, it's crucial to properly defrost it. Put it in a fridge and wait. If you need to speed up the process, submerge it in cold water and make sure to add sea salt. That way the fish will keep its nutrients and will be juicier when you cook it. Next time you're in «Odessa», do tell me about the ways and recipes you use to cook fish. Bye!

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